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Aquarelas do Brasil - the Show - OVERVIEW


Abertura Opening Desfile Kostümshow Gafiera Paartanz Olodum Capoeira Tanz als Selbstverteidigung

Lambada Xaxado/Forro Frevo Samba Batucada

Carmen Miranda Danca do Fogo Afro Tanz Carnaval - Karneval in Rio Axé


Aquarelas do Brasil - SINGLE SHOW ELEMENTS


Abertura - Opening -Brazilian modern dance

Opening " A medley from "Elis Regina " Montreux Jazzfestival. With extraordinary choreographies in modern brazilian jazz style and unusual musical arrangements - from "nova musica brasileira" to the classic "bossa nova" -, "Aquarelas do Brasil" first presents its orchestra, then the dancers perform in the most beautiful, sweeping Brazilian costumes.


Abertura Opening

Desfile - Costume show with the most splendid costumes

Whoever was lucky enough to celebrate the Carnival in Rio d.J. will know that wearing one of the splendid costumes is a dream come true for every dancer. All costumes are unique single pieces, tailor-made solely for this purpose.


Desfile Kostümshow

Gafiera - Pair dance

Gafiera is a noble dance originally from Lapa enchanting with its charme and elegance. At the very first glance it might bear certain resemblances to Lambada.


Gafiera Paartanz

Olodum - SambaReggae from Salvador/Bahia

Olodum is a group from Bahia/Brazil. They are the spiritual fathers of the so-called "SambaReggae", their peculiar mix of afro-brazilian rhythm which became especially famous in the eighties. Megastars like Michael Jackson and Paul Simon have used "Sambareggae" in videoclips and CD recordings and thus helped "Olodum" to gain worldwide famous.



Capoeira - Ritual self-defence dance

Capoeira is a traditional brazilian fight and self-defence dance, whose historical roots lie in the slavery. The slaves had to have their hands tied, so all they could move freely was their legs - the macabre origin of this powerful, dynamic and acrobatic dance, based on the idea of imitating animal movements, e.g. cats, monkeys, horses, snakes or birds. The peculiar choreographies of "Aquarelas do Brasil" make Capoeira an unforgettable stage performance.


Capoeira Tanz als Selbstverteidigung

Lambada - Extremely popular erotic dance, almost cultic

Lambada - the erotic dance with cult character, especially popular in the late eighties.

Mr. Hermosa, an artist from Bolivia, wrote the original song "chorando se foi" in 1989.

The song conquered the entire european dance and music scene known as "Lambada", performed by the band "kooma" - resident in Paris - and singer Marcia Ferreira.



Xaxado/Forró - Music and dance styles from Recife

The origin of Xaxado/Foro (the latter means "For all") goes back to a funfair situation in which a man courts a woman. "Aquarelas do Brasil" presents Xaxado/Foro to the audience in a 10 minute medley with the music of Elba Ramalho. A truly vivacious, juicy experience!



Frevo - Musicstyle from Pernambuco

Frevo is a music style from Pernambuco and is played above all to the carnival in Recife and Olinda.
It has developed about 1900 from the repertoire of military bands when they started to play their polkas faster and more syncopated. Until today the brass players belong to the occupation of the Frevo. The word "Frevo" will (cook) derived from "ferver" with which the mood is well described with this quick  dance music.

It is danced in addition above all in the squat, fortified with acrobatic jumps and Verrenkungen, partly with figures from the Capoeira and many dancers swing a colored screen to be able to hold better the balance. The best known and at the same time biggest Frevogruppe, " Galo there Madrugada " (cock of the daybreak) from Recife, wakes up on carnival Saturday early in the morning the town and gives with it the starting signal for the carnival lasting up to 10 days.



Samba .... a philosophy of Life

What used to be the result of the cultural clash between the native indian inhabitants and black slaves is to people from Bahia part of their worship of Orixas (deities). Basically it can be said that Samba is a philosophy of life for any Brazilian. It is omnipresent not only in any Brazilian music style, but also in everyday life.

"Aquarelas do Brasil" performs a medley of popular Samba songs combined with lavish choreographies to give the audience an insight view of how the "Cariocas" celebrate and dance the Samba in Rio.



Batucada - Percussion group/-solo

The Batucada is one of the musical key elements in any live performance and is spread all over the country through the many Samba schools in Brazil. It is essential for the right timing and rhythm feeling in the Samba.
Similar to the percussion section of a classic orchestra, the Batucada consists of different percussion instruments: Surdo - Repinique - Caixa - Tambourim - Pandeiro - Agogo - Maxixe



Carmen Miranda - Homage to the grand lady in the 30th-40th

Carmen Miranda was the most successful export hit of Brazil in the 30ies and 40ies.
In 1946 she counted as one of the best payed actresses of Hollywood.
Miranda managed to grab an audience and on that and with her own kind of interpretation in the revue "Streets of Paris", as match point of success, the company 20th Century Fox gave her a contract as an actress.
Aquarelas do Brasil introduces as a homage a medley of the 5 most famous songs of this special artist like "Tico Tico" - "Mamae eu quero".


Carmen Miranda

Danca do Fogo - Fire Dance

Several decades ago, this dance originated almost simultaneously in different continents. It is known in Australia, the USA and South America.
The choreographer Caroline Pereira brought the "Fire Dance" from Salvador/Bahia over to Germany and refined it to a spectacular performance.


Danca do Fogo

Afro - Dance with african roots

With a musical piece composed exclusively for this show, Aquarelas do Brasil expresses the close attachment of  the Brazilian people to their african roots.


Afro Tanz

Axé Music - Afoxé - Sambareggae u.a. -

Axé music is a creation of Baianos, so residents of the State of Bahia . For 20 years, they mix in their compositions varied rhythms like samba, reggae, merengue, rock, lambada, and African Afoxé to music, especially the dancing is. Singers such as Daniela Mercury and Margareth Menezes sing on the self-confidence of the Brazilians, their lives and love. Many texts of Axé Music reflect the racism and bad living conditions of the poor.


Axé Music - Afoxé - Sambareggae

Carnival in Rio – the colorful culmination

The sparkling culmination of the event is, as it should be, a Polonaise, embedded in two light choreograpies. All performers dance and celebrate together with the audience – joie de vivre to the max! The orchestra of „Aquarelas do Brasil“ plays a 10 minute medley of the most popular and beautiful Brazilian songs, such as "Mas que nada“ – „Tristeza“ – „Brazil" and many more...


Carnaval Karneval in Rio
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